Five Things I Learned with OhanaHealth by Sarah MacDonald

Five Things I Learned with OhanaHealth by Sarah MacDonald

W asked about her OhanaHealth experience, Sarah told us that "during my internship with HealthyBytes, I learned a lot about health insurance but I also learned the importance of to measuring the impact of a change you make to your business and why I should be excited about the changes in healthcare right now."  Read more about Sarah's "The Five Things I Learned With OhanaHealth" here.

3 Reasons Why We Started Ohana

3 Reasons Why We Started Ohana

If you are a healthcare startup founder, you’d probably agree with me that, in addition to creating an innovative product or service that will have a meaningful impact on the future of health, building a world class, high functioning team is probably near the top of your priority list (and if it’s not, we should probably talk…)  If you’re a soon-to-be or recent graduate, chances are finding work that makes a difference, in a high growth environment or organization is probably near the top of your list.  

OhanaHealth exists at the intersection of these two ideals, because it is our belief that:  

1) The future of health is about people; and

2) You can’t build a great company without great people.  

Find out the 3 reasons why we decided to launch OhanaHealth here.

Kickoff to Summer 2017

OhanaHealth Orientation Binders

It's finally here! Our summer kicked off to a great start at Orientation yesterday: there was so much laughter, energy & excitement in the room. It was contagious. It was so great for everyone to finally meet in person! We got to know one another, talked about what the summer would look like, and what we hope to accomplish.

We also talked about some major keys to success:

  1. know yourself
  2. take initiative #justdoit
  3. don't be afraid to ask questions
  4. don't be afraid to fail
  5. build those relationships
  6. be a sponge
  7. have fun & enjoy the ride

We're so excited for our interns to kick ass this summer. From exploring a new city, to making new friendships, to being immersed in a fast paced, exciting environment, we know that this summer will be one for the books. Stay up to date with all things Ohana through our blog, or follow us on instagram, @ohanahealthexperience.