Ohana(Health) Means Family: By Lydia Dick

For someone who is interested in the innovation side of healthcare, Ohana Health offers a unique opportunity to learn about the industry, entrepreneurship, and grow as an individual. As a rising senior at Rice University, I was hoping to refine my career goals, have a valuable experience at a startup, and contribute meaningfully to success of Wellview, a company that’s helping people live healthier lives. Little did I know that my overall experience would far exceed my expectations. 

I was impressed by how the people at Ohana went above and beyond to make sure that I could contribute meaningfully at Wellview and learn new skills that would align with my goals. They met regularly with my supervisors at the startup I was working for to make sure I was working on projects that were both challenging and engaging. 

DSC01477 (1).jpg

The modules were one of my favorite parts of the summer, and are really one of the most unique parts of the Ohana experience. Each one included speakers who are shaping the future of healthcare and entrepreneurship. Although it would be difficult to choose a favorite, the healthcare module was particularly beneficial for understanding a complex field at a time where policy and industry are shaping it so rapidly. 

What sets Ohana apart is that they don’t just care about you as an employee; they care about you as a person. I would have never been able to get to know Nashville as a city or make the friends and connections I did without the people from Ohana. You really become close to your cohort in the program throughout the experience. I feel so lucky to be friends with such a brilliant, passionate group of peers from across the country. 

Daniel Oppong