Your Next Great Adventure: OhanaHealth by Carolyn Edwards

I’ll be honest. I wasn’t exactly thrilled about spending my second to last summer in Nashville. Every other UVA student I knew seemed to be jetting off to Europe, returning to a favorite summer camp, or heading up to the Big Apple. And I was going home. Don’t get me wrong. I love Nashville, but somehow I didn’t think living at home for three months stacked up to the exotic adventures my friends were having. Thanks to OhanaHealth, I quickly realized how selfish and flawed my attitude was. Nashville was exactly what I needed, and OhanaHealth was my own type of adventure.


I’m a third year in the undergraduate business school at UVA studying accounting, IT, and economics, but thanks to my Nashville roots, I’ve always had an interest in healthcare. Having had some exposure to the corporate side of healthcare, I wanted to understand what entrepreneurship looked like in the healthcare space. OhanaHealth was the only program I found that allowed me to do just that.

Our Innovation Lab Team!

I had the chance to work for Health:Further, an open community focused on the future of health. Throughout the summer, I helped coordinate the Entrepreneur Experience at the 2017 Health:Further Festival in August, and I engaged directly with Health:Further’s Innovation Program clients. I did real work, I got to be part of something meaningful, and I learned a lot about both the healthcare industry and myself. Most importantly, I spent time with smart, interesting, and driven people who taught me the value of a good team. So trust me when I say that whether you’re a Nashville native like me or haven’t set foot in the South, OhanaHealth is the exciting summer you’re looking for. It’s everything it claims to be, and I can promise that it won’t disappoint.

Daniel Oppong