Company Spotlight: Elizabeth Duffield from Trilliant Health

Trilliant Health provides hospitals and health systems with comprehensive analytics-driven  strategies to maximize growth. Elizabeth Duffield is the Director of Business Development at Trilliant Health. At Trilliant Health, Elizabeth manages top of the funnel opportunity creation, marketing strategy,and collaboration between the sales and marketing. 


I asked Elizabeth about her background and experience at Trilliant. We discovered that we are both from Atlanta, and we grew up in nearby neighborhoods. Beyond that, we have similar interests in healthcare and business. I became even more thrilled to hear everything she had to share! 

“Originally from Atlanta, GA, I moved to Nashville to work at a start-up. I had various roles in marketing management, and I’m thankful for what I learned in my time there. At Trilliant Health, I started in inbound marketing but was given the opportunity to transition into business development and manage the business development team. This includes being responsible for new opportunities for the top of the sales funnel. It can be difficult to get in front of C-Suite executives of health systems, but we are confident because our services have already helped so many clients.” 

I now had a better understanding of what Trilliant was able to do, so I wondered more about what problems Trilliant was able to solve with this technology. Elizabeth explained how Trilliant takes an innovative approach in healthcare analytics, and profiled their target customer.

“We target hospitals and health systems in the United States. These entities are very traditional in their practices and how they compete for customers (also known as patients). Up until now, hospitals have relied on a limited subset of data, often being told by analytics companies that the healthcare market is static and doesn’t change much year-to-year. However, with new technology and a boom in outpatient surgical centers, large healthcare providers and hospitals, especially in rural areas, are going out of business at a record rate. Our ultimate goal is to help hospitals by taking this data blindfold off, making a commitment to transparency, and guiding clients to the most effective solutions for growth.”

Elizabeth has experience with both larger companies and smaller ones, so she shared some of her favorite aspects and most challenging parts of working with start-ups.  

“In college, I studied sustainability and foreign affairs. I originally wanted to do development work in the U.S. or abroad. I realized that the most important aspect to me was the ability to affect change, even in small ways. Working at a healthcare startup scratches that itch. The organizational culture at high-growth start-ups I’ve been with is dependent on the people, who need to be very hard-working, intelligent, and dedicated to their core mission. Many of the challenges stem from being in the healthcare industry. Parts of healthcare are broken, and efforts to fix these issues are slower moving than fast-paced start-ups would ideally be able to achieve. Having a great and experienced team definitely helps navigate these challenges.” 

We had discussed her past career experiences and her current role, so I asked if she could gauge what the next 12 months at Trilliant looked like. 

“Everything has really been speeding up. So much has happened, even in the last 2 months, as we have brought on some of our largest clients to date. As we continue to scale, I am excited to see my role focus on operationalizing a team and its function. It is difficult to put out any projections on our exact growth rate, as the field is so dynamic. There is lots of room for client acquisition in the next 6-12 months, and our growth rate is very exciting!” 

Elizabeth shared some parting words of advice for students and recent grads. 

“Persistence is key. Although you may be nervous about rejection, some of the greatest opportunities will follow. Persistence is also appreciated from the hiring side. Employees don’t always have the chance to give you their full attention, so following up and demonstrating your ambition is very appealing.”  

I loved ending on this note, because in hindsight it is how I received some of my most valued opportunities. Speaking to Elizabeth was incredible, and it was even more exciting to meet her in person in Nashville. Elizabeth was a guest on a panel of four professionals in healthcare and entrepreneurship. I learned that outside of Trilliant, Elizabeth is very involved in other facets of entrepreneurship around the city. I was beyond inspired at her ability to juggle so much, always with poise and friendliness. 

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Nicole Mintz