3 Reasons Why We Started Ohana

In 2016, Sabrina and I decided to create OhanaHealth. Here’s why:

Reason #1

Starting Ohana back in 2016 was, in part, a response to a trend we noticed: students in increasing numbers were going to college interested in health / healthcare, but realizing early on in their college experience that they didn’t want to go the traditional route of being a doctor or nurse.  

"Like a lot of students, I entered college pre-med. I thought that being a doctor was the only opportunity to make a difference in healthcare. Over time, I knew that I still wanted to pursue a career in health, but wasn't sure if the clinical route was the perfect fit. I had no idea what other opportunities existed in healthcare to positively impact people's lives; and, wasn't even sure where or how to begin looking" -Sabrina Khan, Co-Founder, OhanaHealth

Sabrina’s story is just one of many others like it.  For students, Ohana allows the ability to exist at the intersection of healthcare and innovation, while also doing work that is meaningful and highly impactful.  

From the start, it was evident that Ohana resonated with students. The first year garnered applications from 150+ students at 60+ universities around the country.  Nine students were selected and placed in 7 startups (check out a few of the companies that participated HERE).  The results were pretty exciting, especially due to the limited marketing budget.  Fast forward to year two, Ohana nearly 10x’ed its applicant pool.  Over 1100 students applied from 120 universities around the country.

Reason #1 Why We Started Ohana :: The students told us (and are still telling us) to.

Reason #2

If you’re a  startup founder, you’re probably used to the multi-tasking and context switching that comes with the gig.  One minute you’re operating as the CEO, COO, and / or CFO, and the next, you’re focused on product development, customer success and customer acquisition strategy....  Let’s not forget the energy focused on fundraising and meeting payroll, all while  being available for the inevitable fire drill that could pop up at anytime.  

We get it - the life of a founder is a busy one.  Not only does the venture require 100% of their effort, attention and energy, but it’s success also depends on the team that’s been assembled to collectively achieve the vision.  While founders often understand the value of having high caliber people on the team, it’s rare that the necessary time, energy and resources exist to dedicate to a robust, comprehensive hiring and selection process.

That’s where Ohana comes in.  When it comes to founders: 1) We know your company is a purpose that you’ve dedicated long hours, full days, and sleepless nights to; 2) We also know that, in order to build a great company, you need great people.   

To that end, Ohana provides Founders with access to a high quality pool of talent, without the time intensive search process. We connect with founders to understand their company culture, organizational values, and hiring needs, in order to identify the high-caliber talent that can plug in and add value.  Additionally, we provide onboarding and talent management resources to ensure that the experience is mutually valuable for the company and the new hire.  

Reason #2 Why We Started Ohana :: The Founders needed us to.

Reason #3

As Vic Gatto - CEO of Briovation and Jumpstart Foundry - posited, we believe that healthcare is the “opportunity of our time and of our generation”.  Further, we also believe that that opportunity -- “the future of health” will be dramatically influenced and impacted by millennials.

Research shows that, as of 2016, millennials have overtaken boomers as the largest living generation.  There are approximately 75.4 million on the planet and 53+ million in the workplace… and while that may incite panic for some, at Ohana, we’re actually pretty excited about this because we understand millennials.  We know what they need and understand how to empower and motivate them.

We believe that together - with millennials and boomers, payers and providers, innovators and investors, alike -- we can make healthcare better.

Reason #3 Why We Started Ohana :: We’re invested in creating the best future possible.

Daniel Oppong