Learning, Failing, & Innovating Together by Jordan Moody

Like a lot of my friends, I came into college thinking I was pre-med. I thought that becoming a surgeon was going to be my entrance into making a difference in the medical field. I quickly realized that the clinical route was not the route for me. I am still very interested in the healthcare industry, and I know that I want to work with people who believe that better is possible. Healthcare innovation is the perfect mix of those two interests, and OhanaHealth provided me with the best exposure to what a future career could look like. 

OhanaHealth is built on a foundation of support and growth through community. Whether it was the intern cohort that I got to work with in the Innovation Lab or learning from my coworkers at Lunch & Learns, the people I was surrounded by were invested in me. This community was so helpful for my personal and professional development and growth. We all learned, failed, and innovated together, and I am thankful OhanaHealth made sure strong, creative people were by my side. My summer would not have been the same without them! 

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I also love that the programming offered by OhanaHealth connected me to a broader community of innovative leaders in the healthcare industry. At monthly learning modules, I heard from corporate leaders who value innovation and collaboration. I also heard from entrepreneurs who are navigating the challenge of bringing exciting innovation to traditional healthcare spaces. In addition to listening and learning from these individuals, I was given the chance to be in close conversation with them. I got to ask these experts some tough questions about their respective jobs and was able to follow up with them to learn more about the work they are doing. 

After my time with OhanaHealth, I have such a better understanding about what non-clinical work in the healthcare field looks like. I’m excited about the direction healthcare innovation is headed, and I’m glad I had the chance to do real, meaningful work while also learning and growing as an intern. 

Daniel Oppong