Full time employment


  1. When is the start date for my position?

    July 9th
  2. What are the locations of the 2018 program:

    New York, Nashville, Atlanta, Denver, & Chicago
  3. When will I know if I received an offer from OhanaHealth?

    Students will be notified on or before Tuesday, February 27th, and will have until Friday, March 2nd to commit to our program
  4. What is the salary?

    It varies with position and location-- for example, the cost of living in New York is much higher than that of Nashville, so one’s salary will be higher in New York than in Nashville. More insight into position specific salary will be given to candidates upon second round interviews.
  5. Does OhanaHealth provide housing?

    No, OhanaHealth does not provide any housing accommodations for our students; however, we do assist with the logistics for our students (i.e: helping find housing and/or roommates, figuring out transportation, suggesting neighborhoods/locations, negotiation assistance, etc.).
  6. Will I be employed by OhanaHealth?

    No, not directly. While you will be part of the “OhanaHealth” cohort, OhanaHealth is a full time employment placement program that places students at healthcare startups. We work closely with our startup partners to help develop their role definition and needs. OhanaHealth facilitates educational programming, such as the learning modules, group project, professional development activities, etc. OhanaHealth also hosts one-on-one check ins with the new hires & their managers for the first year. TL;DR - You’ll still be part of the fam (obvi), but won’t be working AT Ohana.
  7. Is there a minimum time commitment to the program?

    No, there is not a specific time commitment required by OhanaHealth upon hire, employment is at will. However, we select students who demonstrate they are committed to contributing to the growth and development of the company they
  8. How does the selection process work?

    There are 2 rounds in the OhanaHealth interview and selection process:
    1. First round interview: The candidate will interview with a representative from OhanaHealth. This is a general interview, where we get to learn more about you, your interests, experiences and skills.

    2. If a candidate is selected to continue in the interviewing process, they will be notified via email. Second round interviews are company and role specific. You will be matched with companies we think are the best fit for you, and you for them. Candidates may be selected to interview with 1-3 different companies. If a candidate interviews with more than one company, after round 2 interviews are complete, the candidate will receive an email and be asked to rank their preferences. The companies also conduct candidate rankings-- this is our mutual selection process.

    3.   Candidates selected for employment will be notified, and an offer extended via email.