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Our students act as "entrepreneurs in residence" in leading organizations currently researching, designing or implementing innovative healthcare initiatives. Together they collaborate on challenging projects that establish them at the forefront of healthcare innovation. Our program is built on the foundation of support, growth and inspiration. Our students leverage their fresh insights, industry understanding, creativity and passion to drive healthcare innovation further 

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social community
Our social support community is a social network of young professionals that will provide OhanaHealth interns with a local support community. Interns will connect with like-minded individuals to navigate their new city and make it their home.

personal & professional development opportunities
Development opportunities foster personal and professional growth, and provide interns with the tools to become more competitive and versatile change makers in the work force.

learning modules
The curated learning experiences are centered around a series of Modules designed to provide holistic education that can be applied to achieve industry success. 

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ready to take your first step as an entrepreneur?

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OhanaHealth - Jumpstart Foundry Mentors
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December 31: applications close 

February 16: program acceptance notifications



June 3*: program start date & orientation

June 22: healthcare 101 learning module 

June 29: innovation lab kick off 



July 4: independence day BBQ 

July 20:  entrepreneurship & innovation learning module 

July 6, 11, 27: innovation lab meeting lunches



August 3: leadership & development learning module

August 7: final internship presentations 

August 9: innovation lab presentations

August 10: program ends

*For schools on the quarter system, your start date will be June 18th and end date will be August 24th