Ohana Means Family. Come Join Ours!


OhanaHealth is designed to connect the best and brightest entrepreneurial students from all over the country, with high-growth start-ups that are solving some of the biggest problems in healthcare.


It’s our belief that, in order to build a great company, you need great people. Sure, having a fancy product is cool, but having an incredible culture with kick-ass people is magic.  At Ohana, we connect incredible students who are passionate about moving healthcare innovation forward, with companies that are doing just that.


We’ve got a pretty awesome crew


The Ohana Experience


For students & recent grads, the Ohana Experience is unlike any other. Ok sure, I’ll admit that we might be a bit biased, but let’s be real: doing meaningful work with stellar people and innovative companies is pretty hard to beat, don’t you agree?



As part of the Ohana fam, your experience will include:



An internship or FTE experience at a high-growth healthcare company



“Education Modules” where you learn about the history and future of healthcare, entrepreneurship, and personal/professional development



You’re connected with other fabulous folks from around the country who share the same passion for health innovation as you do!

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